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English Courses for companies

Languages ​​for companies:  in-Company:

Subsidised teaching by taking advantage of training credits through the tripartite foundation, with the greatest flexibility and quality, we adapt to your needs.

We carry out the necessary tests to assess the level of students in the required language.

For all disciplines and sectors

Business English, legal English, economics, engineering, medicine, computer science, marketing & sales, secretarial, hospitality…All language courses for companies are made up of a series of activities that integrate the four language skills: Listening, writing, reading and speaking, through a wide range of didactic and audiovisual material. With a flexible curriculum that is developed according to the specific linguistic needs of the participants.

Cursos de idiomas para empresas

General English classes, preparation of official exams, preparation of English for competitions, job interviews…– Languages ​​we teach: Spanish for foreigners, English, French, German, Chinese…– Face-to-face: At our academy or your own premises.– Intensive courses: They will be carried out throughout the year and students can enrol in one or several consecutive courses, 40h, 60h or 100h.– Academic courses: Throughout the year.Request information or a quote without any commitment.– On-line Classes (in HD): with great sound and image quality, the advantage of a course from any geographical location. Without moving from your office or home, in the timetable that suits you, ideal for companies with work centres in different places. Our students learn languages ​​as if they were in a classroom. The course can be taught in all the necessary classrooms at the same time or different time, with a minimum of 4 students per classroom and a maximum of 7.We adapt to your needs: Course, language, timetable and level.Contact us.
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Companies from a variety of areas endorse our work. They have placed their trust in Campus Study Centre:

  • ICAV– Distinguished Association of Lawyers of Valencia- Legal English.
  • COIICV – Official College of Industrial Engineers of Valencia – Face-to-face and on-line courses.
  • CICCP – Official College of Civil Engineers of Valencia – Face-to-face and on-line courses.
  • COIAL– Official College of Agronomic Engineers of Valencia – On-line courses.
  • AVIT – Valencian Association of Telecommunication Engineers – Preparation of official exams.
  • EDEM– Business School (MBA Junior Executive) – Business English (BEC).
  • Regional environmental department – General English.
  • GEA– General Electric Americana- General English.
  • FEMEVAL – Valencian Metallurgic Business Federation – English courses specific to the sector.
  • AIDIMA – Technological Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging – General English.
  • TECNIBERIA-ASINCE– General English.
  • AREAS, Engineering and architecture.- General English.
  • Proyectos técnicos de Valencia, S.L (Civil Engineering and Advanced Services). – General English.
  • CIVITUM, Technical services of Materials Quality Control Engineering- General English.
  • GRUPOTEC (Engineering) Advanced services consulting. – General English.
  • VIELCA, Engineering + English business.
  • TRAGSATEC– Agricultural technology and services- General English.
  • AUREKA– General English.
  • La Pepica Restaurant– General English.
  • Manises Arte regal– General English + Business English

Language courses for companies

The Business English Course focuses on business English. Its main objective is to prepare students to communicate effectively in an international commercial context, so that they can attain an extensive control of tenses and business structures.Students will study both the relevant vocabulary and required etiquette in contexts such as meetings, presentations and talking on the phone.The student’s communicative skills will be promoted through guided discussions on topics such as: Marketing, public relations, teamwork, reports, business travel and rights…Other important points of the course include:– Simulated exercises, social situations.– Standard formats of letters, E-mails, fax …– Compression of texts.– Travel situations: Hotel, restaurants, in the car, etc.All the skills learnt ease interactions with clients, suppliers and colleagues, in a world where English is the dominant language of international business.We adapt to your needs: the kind of course you need, the language, the timetable and level (with a level test). Contact us
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