English courses for teenagers

Languages for high school students

English Courses for teenagers


English courses for teenagers

The mastery of English has become a necessary tool in the training of students of all ages. That is why we prepare students for a successful future from very early ages so they can communicate fluently and expand their vocabulary and expression.

ESO and Bachiller: Preparation for official Cambridge exams: For schools.

School students: ESO and Bachiller.

A2 KET for schools, B1 PET for schools, B2 First for schools.

Campus Study Centre as a preparatory centre: we prepare our students for these Cambridge exams every year. The exams motivate students to continue to present themselves each year for the following exams and be prepared for the future. In these exams the four language skills are evaluated: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.

School Support: Selectividad

Cambridge Exam Levels


Cursos de inglés para adolescentes

Niveles Cambridge English



AgeCourseCambridge ExamsCEFR european FameworkClass hours a week
116º PrimaryFlyersA22
121º ESOMoversA22
132º ESOKetA22
143º ESOKet- Pet For SchoolsA2-B13
154º ESOPet- First For SchoolsB1- B23
161º BachillerPet- First For SchoolsB1-B23
172º BachillerFirst- Cae
First For

Let´s speak

Conversation classes:

Learn to speak in public – naturally, fluently, confidently, and express yourself better. Join our conversation club every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.




– Parada Amistad

– Casa Salud


– Parada la Carrasca

– Tarongers


– Lines:

18, 29, 30, 31, 40, 41, 71, 81, N1


Address and Contact

University Zone: 

Near the Universidad Politécnica (UPV) and Universidad de Valencia (UV), at the Campus dels Tarongers.

Plaza Poeta Vicente Gaos, 7 bajo izq.

Valencia Capital
Email: campustudycentre8@hotmail.com

Mobile: (+34) 630665464

Hours: L-V 9:00-14:00 y de 16:00-21:00; 




Plaza Poeta Vicente Gaos, 7

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