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English courses in Valencia, French, German, Chinese, Spanish for foreigners, Valencian,…

Teaching English courses in Valencia Since 1985

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English courses in Valencia
English courses in Valencia
English courses in Valencia
English courses in Valencia

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English courses in Valencia


Cambridge Exam Preparation: B1 – PET, B2 – FIRST, C1 Advanced

Academic Courses

Obtain the required level for each official exam and get excelent results

Intensive Courses: Preparation for the examinations in December, ¡Sign-up! 40 and 60 hour courses

– PET: 1st December

– FIRST: 9th December

– CAE: 2nd December


  •   Fun English Club / Friday and Saturday: Conversation 1.5
  •   Cambridge Exam Preparation: Monday to Friday. Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET for Schools, First for Schools



Cambridge Exam Preparation

Twice a week   1.5h/session


You can also form your own group, with a minimum of 4 people and choose the days and times.

Beginners  –  principiantes
Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.00 Friday16.30-19.30 Saturday10.00-13.00
Monday and Wednesday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.00 Friday16.30-19.30 Saturday10.00-13.00
Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.00 Friday16.30-19.30 Saturday10.00-13.00
Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.0018.00-19.3019.30-21.00 Friday10.00-13.0016.30-19.30 Saturday10.00-13.00
Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.0019.30-21.00 Friday10.00-13.0016.30-19.30 Saturday10.00-13.00
Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11 .0011.00-12.3012.30-14.0017.30-19.0019.30-21.00 Friday 10.00-13.0016.30-19.30 Saturday     Friday




Business English  BEC Preliminary, Vantage, Higher
Monday and Wednesday  or Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-11.3016.00-17.3020.00-21.30 Saturday 10.00-13.00
Exàmens de la JQCV

Curs intensiu de Mitjà i Superior

Començament del curs 4 octubre

Teoria i pràctica  (escrit i oral), atenció personalitzada, grups reduits.

English courses in Valencia
You can count on our vast experience, quality and dedication.

Learn English with Campus Study Centre and join our centre.

Improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary and idiomatic expressions naturally with our native teachers to obtain excellent results with our courses.

We offer you:

English Classes in our centre. +info

On-line telecourses.+info

Tailor made courses for companies. +info

Support classes.

English for teenagers. +info

Summer camps in Valencia and stays abroad for teenagers. +info

Workshops for the youngest students: Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. +info

Spanish for foreigners and stays in Valencia.+info

English courses in Valencia
Preparation Courses for official University of Cambridge Exams.

Certify your English with an official Cambridge University Qualifications, we are an official preparation centre for the Cambridge exams and specialists in their preparation.

We have a team of qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience in the preparation for official exams. Real mock-exams throughout the course in real-time, covering all the skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, use of English). We have all the necessary material for the preparation of these exams, and you choose your partner from the academy for the speaking part of the exam. +info

English courses in Valencia
English courses in Valencia, for all ages and levels.

Adults, Erasmus and University Students: We offer intensive and academic English courses in addition to general English courses and Cambridge exam preparation. +info

– Spanish for foreigners. +info

Children: Nursery from 3 to 6 years and Primary: Young Learners Test:  Starters, movers, flyers. +info

Teenagers: Courses for ESO and Bachiller, courses for school pupils(A2, B1 and B2). Preparation for Cambridge For Schools official examinations: KET (A2), PET (B1), FIRST (B2). +info

We also prepare students in languages for selectividad.

Languages for Companies, Associations and Professional Organisations …: General or specific English courses according to the needs of each company. +info

English courses in Valencia
Some of the advantages and discounts we offer.

We have advantages for you, which you are sure to find very interesting. If you have brothers and sisters or relatives, or if you bring a friend or form a group, ask us for information.

Our flexible schedules are tailored to the needs of the students.

If you cannot physically go to our centre, we take the classroom to your home or wherever you find yourself with our on-line telecourses +info

Free Wi-Fi throughout the centre.

Campus Study Centre

Centro de Idiomas

Campus Study Centre

Plaza Poeta Vicente Gaos, 7

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18, 29, 30, 31, 40, 41, 71, 81, N1

Adrress and Contact

University Zone (Campus dels Tarongers)

Plaza Poeta Vicente Gaos, 7 bajo izq.

Valencia Capital

Mobile: (+34) 630665464

Hours: L-V 9:00-14:00 y de 16:00-21:00; S 9:00-14:00



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